The Moon...

Associated Stones: Moonstone, pearl, quartz, selenite, sapphire, aquamarine, beryl, chalcedony.
Day of the Week: Monday
Colors: Silver, pearl, gray, white.

Rules: Imagination, intuition, sleep, prophetic dreams, gardening, love, compassion, spirituality, religious experience, psychic and divinatory pursuits, peace, physical and astral travel, women and women's mysteries, emotions and moods, all things pertaining to fluids and bodies of water, totem animals, the night, shapeshifting, initiation, reincarnation, psychology and archetypes.

Attributes: Changeable, dissolving, fertilizing, fruitful, periodic, sensitive, visionary, wandering, imaginative, impressionable, instinctive, nocturnal, and passive.

More on the Moon...

Astrological correspondences for use in lunar magick, please see the The Moon Page. For moon phases please go to The Moon Phase Page.

The Sun...

Associated Stones: Amber, carnelian, quartz, diamond, tiger's-eye, topaz, zircon, Herkimer diamond, sunstone, orange calcite, sulfur.
Day of the Week: Sunday
Colors: yellow, orange, gold.

Rules: Legal matters, healing, protection, illumination, banishing fear, magickal and physical energy, men and men's mysteries, the day, health, success, career, ambition, finance, drama, authority, promotion, children, buying/selling, totem animals, personal finances, advancement, the setting and carrying-through of goals.

Attributes: Forceful, life-giving, rhythmic, strong, structural, diurnal, active, open, generous, and fiery.


Associated Stones: Agate, aventurine, rutilated quartz, mica, opal.
Day of the Week: Wednesday
Colors: Yellow, light blue, grey.

Rules: Mental powers, communication, eloquence, speed, study, writing, travel, wisdom, self-improvement, memory, education, correspondence, messages, students, merchants, writers, musicians, computers, contracts.

Attributes: Rational, witty, worrisome, dual, impulsive, quick, irrational, intelligent, nervous, reasoning, restless, and moving.


Associated Stones: Jade, coral, lapis lazuli, malachite, green/pink/blue tourmaline, turquoise, kunzite, pearl, blue/green/pink calcite, chrysoprase, olivine, mother-of pearl, peridot, sodalite.
Day of the Week: Friday.
Colors: Rose-pink, green.

Rules: Love, fidelity, joy, youth, harmony, pleasure, luck, friendship, compassion, sensuality, beauty, artistic ability, affection, luxury, poetry, relationships, social activity, marriage, gardening, gifts, music, painting, courtship, cosmetics, decorating, grace, alliances.

Attributes: Fertile, indulgent, lazy, amorous, artistic, cheerful, dissolute, erotic, graceful, immoral, musical, relaxing, soothing, and soft.


Associated Stones: Garnet, onyx, ruby, red tourmaline, hematite, bloodstone, flint, rhodocrosite, sardonyx, rhodonite, lava.
Day of the Week: Tuesday.
Colors: Red and orange.

Rules: Passion, aggression, action, vitality, sex, action, movement, courage, strife, confrontation, physical energy, hunting, weapons, tools, metals, partnerships, politics, protection, defense, police, soldiers, any situation where one is taking up arms.

Attributes: Amorous, aphrodisiac, burning, combative, cruel, dangerous, exciting, explosive, fearless, forceful, rough, sharp, bloody, violent, and wounding.


Associated Stones: Amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite.
Day of the Week: Thursday
Colors: Purple, royal blue.

Rules: Logic, business, spirituality, ritual, psychism, humor, luck, higher education, long-distance travel, religion, philosophy, forecasting, research, guardians, foreign interests, political power, material wealth, publicity, image, gambling, reading, studying, doctors, psychologists, philosophers.

Attributes: Jovial, benevolent, bouyant, pompous, confident, corpulent, generous, just, optimistic, reverent, naive, and abundant.


Associated Stones: Apache tear, hematite, onyx, obsidian, black tourmaline, jet, serpentine, spinel.
Day of the Week: Saturday.
Colors: Black, grey, red.

Rules: Grounding, protection, centering, purification, neutralization, structure, sacrifice, endurance, separation, binding, death, obstacles, tests, hard work, justice, math, social law, financing and debts, transformation, discovery, civil servants, stalkers, murderers, lawyers, wills, inheritances.

Attributes: Controlling, limiting, pessimistic, abortive, barren, enduring, frugal, paralyzing, selfish, serious, skeptical, tactful, punctual, ascetic.

Note: Attributes are taken from Llewellyn's 1997 Magical Almanac.