Moon Information

Moon SignConjuring
(taken from Silver RavenWolf's To Ride a Silver Broomstick, and Edain McCoy's Lady of the Night)
Moon in Aries Beginning of things, matters of self and your personality. Good for working magick for personal strength and stamina. However, effects worked under an Arian moon tend to be shorter-lived, and are easily dissipated.
Moon in Taurus Financial matters of personal nature, vehicles, benefits, possessions. This is a highly sensual lunar influence, good for love or sex magick, also any working where trust, loyalty, and determination are involved. Spells begun under a Taurean moon tend to be difficult to negate once they're under way.
Moon in Gemini Relatives, communication, studies, writing, uncovering one's enemies. Healing spells also work extremely well under a Geminian influence, especially in cases where balance is required. Beware jumping to conclusions about your workings at this time, as the Gemini moon can disguise the unstable nature of things.
Moon in Cancer Home environment, mothers, end of life, family. An extremely favorable lunar influence, especially in psychic, emotional, or imaginative endeavors. Good for magick pertaining to home, planting, fertility and growth in general.
Moon in Leo Pleasures, hobbies, love affairs, entertainment, sports, your pets, leadership, the sane use of power, binding spells. A magnanimous influence, the Leonine moon encourages magick worked on behalf of others. On the flip side, this influence also tends to the self-indulgent and manipulative.
Moon in Virgo Working environment, education, volunteer work, health. Spells worked for mental prowess, attention to detail, stability, and conscientiousness thrive under the Virgoan moon. Keep in mind, this is a cerebral influence, sometimes at the expense of the emotional.
Moon in Libra Marriage, partnerships, aesthetics, legal matters, small animals, diplomacy, adaptability. The Libran moon favorably influences magickal workings involving peace and balance in romance or partnerships.
Moon in Scorpio Death, sex, taxes, inheritances, transformation, occult knowledge, fertility. This is a powerful influence for sex magick, divination, and rituals in general. Matters pertaining to deceit, trustworthiness, things hidden and things revealed are best dealt with under the Scorpion moon. This is also the sign of ambition, and spells for recognition and personal promotion manifest well at this time.
Moon in Sagittarius Religion, metaphysics, long-distance travel, in-laws, higher learning. An excellent influence on new spells and ritual methods, the Saggitarian moon is the sign of the adventurer, and of optimism; this is a good time to accept challenges, and work magick for the more elusive things in your life.
Moon in Capricorn Business, career, reputation, fathers, honor. The Capricorn influence encourages stability, aids material concerns, the working of grounding and centering spells, and better mental attitudes. It is also a moon under which pessimism, despondency, and depression may undermine the solidity of your work.
Moon in Aquarius Friendship, acquaintances, hopes and dreams, groups and organizations. The Aquarian moon tends to the inspirational, the inventive, and the deeply thought-out. Magick for peace and understanding among group members is worked well under this influence. Beware of selfishness and thought without action.
Moon in Pisces Inner development, karma, restrictions, secrets revealed, psychism. This is an excellent lunar influence for divining, dream work, meditation, and any other activity involving the bridging of inner/outer realms. This is also a time when emotions can become clouded and melancholy; avoid spells that involve others unless you are sure they are not manipulative in nature.

Monthly Moons...

There are many naming systems for the year's cycle of moons, depending on cultural and geographical influences. Many witches come up with their own moon-names...especially those of us who find a Snow Moon difficult in an area where there's no snow to speak of...