The worship of the witch cult is, and always has been, that of the principle of Life itself. It has made of that principle, as manifested in sex, something sacred... There is still, in the collective unconsciousness of men's minds, a realisation of the rightness of the Old Sacred Marriage... Let me make it clear, however, that the witch cult does not hold sex sacred as an end in itself, but as a living symbol and manifestation of the Great Source of All Things which men call God.

Witches do not believe in or encourage promiscuity. To them sex is something sacred and beautiful, which should not be allowed to become sordid or cheap... In a rare old book in my possession, Receuil de Lettres au Sujet des Malefices et du Sortilege... par le Seur Boissier (Paris, 1731), there is quoted much valuable evidence from a big witchcraft trial at La Haye Dupuis in 1669, which illustrates the attitude of the witch cult in this respect. One witness, Margeurite Marguerie, said that when a male witch was not at the Sabbat his partner did not join in the dance, and it is said further, "As for the dance, it is done... back to back and two by two, each witch having his wife of the Sabbat, which sometimes is his own wife, and these wives having been given to them when they were marked (i.e. initiated; My note) they do not change them; this kind of dance being finished they dance also hand in hand, like our villagers..."