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Group shot (live):
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System of a Down was formed about 3 years ago and contains Daron on guitars, Shavo on Bass, John on Drums, and Serj on words. System is against any form of oppression, and aggression carried out in the name of religion, democracy, security, corporate interests, or what not by any nation, as well as ours. They are against the probing of government into our bodies, minds, and lives, for any of those same reasons, or a host of others, as well. Systems influences range from death, hardcore, punk, rap, hip-hop, goth, and metal to jazz, dance, funk, folk, rock, electronic, classic rock, pop, blues, alternative, Native American, European, Armenian, and Middle Eastern music, among ones Serj can remember. Since there are a million bands their influenced from I will mention none, to be fair. Serj is 30 years old and was born in Lebennon and came to LA at an early age. His dad is a musician and used to play and sing; so ever since he was little he was exposed to melody and music; always held a special place in his heart for it. Before System Serj played keyboards then moved into lead singer of Soil. John age 25 was also born in Lebannon then moved to toronto and finally ended up in LA. Shavo a 23 year old born in Armenia. Daron, 22, was born in Glendale, Ca. also played in Soil before system. Serj would like our fans to know that the Los Angeles music scene is exploding, as we speak, around the world, with great bands such as Snot, Coal Chamber, Human Waste Project, Tura Satana, among newer bands, and of course, Korn, Deftones, and Fear Factory, that have already paved the way. We are all going to be part of a new musical revolution, one that shakes its victim by the neck to bring out the truth, and to awaken.