The name Cradle of Filth was 'invented' by Dani. He also started the group. That happened in 1991. They recorded 3 demo's and a rehearsal. They are called Invoking the Unclean, Orgiastic Pleasures, Total Fucking Darkness and The black Goddess Rises. The song and sound quality of the demo's is a bit terrible. Dani called Total Fucking Darkness the only demo with a bit of importance. On all the demo's they sound like a plain death-metal band like Cannibal Corpse. The demo Total Fucking Darkness earned them a contract with Cacophonous, and finally in 1994 they brought out their first cd The Principle of Evil Made Flesh. They also appeared on the ...Death is Just the Beginning II sampler from Nuclear Blast with To eve the art of witchcraft. And then: trouble. The trouble with their record company "Crap"ophonous. They had singed a contract for 3 cd's but they wanted to get rid of that contract. So they recorded Vempire and signed for Music For Nations who bought off the other cd. Vempire was released by Cacophonous as a full length cd (and you had to pay for that), but it is with a length of 35 minutes and inclusion of an instrumental and a redone song rather a mini-cd. Fortunately the cd is 'blessed' with a fantastic sound and fantastic songs. This cd also meant the start of their Vempire-ish image. In 1996 CoF brought out their last CD Dusk ...and Her Embrace. This cd earned them big attention, not only from Black Metal fans but also from more mainstream metal fans. We also were able to see what it meant that CoF signed for a 'big' record label. Music For Nations brought out (this is the last counting): 2 digipack versions, the 'normal' cd and a 'coffin' edition of Dusk ... and Her Embrace.

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funeral in Carpitia:
Dusk and her Embrace:
A Path to Victory:

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The principle of evil made flesh:
Vempire dark Faerytails in Phallustine:
Dusk and her Embrace:
Cruelty and the beast: