Who are Rage Against The Machine?

Oh, and for those wondering, yes I will update this just as soon as I get the time to do it, with some links to information about

the band members.

Rage Against The Machine are a four member band, currently signed to the Epic music label. They are:

Zack de la Rocha

Tom Morello

Tim Commerford

Brad Wilk

Zack de la Rocha is the lead singer of the band, although it has been said that he is probably better described as the lead

shouter! He is the main driving force of the group, and it is he who pushes the crowds into such a frenzy, backed up by the

crushing bass, guitar and drums.

Tom Morello is the lead guitarist, and his solos are well-known as being quality guitar pieces that fit in with the mood of the

song and are difficult to master. All of the odd effects and strange sounds are created purely by this guitar diva without the aid

of keyboards or samples. He is without doubt a genius at this, and his heavy-metal style riffs carry the music along at a

ferocious pace, dragging the appreciative audience with it.

Tim Commerford plays the bass for Rage Against The Machine, and is probably best known for the distinctive sound of 'Bullet

In The Head' - a bass riff that is practically guaranteed to pull in a crowd, ready to be blown away by the killer onslaught of the


Brad Wilk plays the drums, providing the steady beat necessary to hold Rage Against The Machine's grinding guitar riffs and

forceful lyrics together, and keep them on track.

Together the four members of Rage Against The Machine make up one huge team that works together to provide a political

force. A force that speaks to the only generation able to do something about it in the one language that has ever really been the

true medium for political expression, and the one that they understand the most - music.